Tokyojo, who was the artistic force behind the iconic visuals for seminal Sheffield electro/rock club night Razor Stiletto, creates a personal narrative peopled with human dog hybrids, mythical figures and magical beings.

Working in both the design and art camps Tokyojo is a true mulitdisciplinarian with formal training in both Fine Art and Fashion Design.

Her philosophy is heavily influenced by her artistic approach before she attempts to find a design solution. Her designs are inspired from her personal mythology, so that each design is a unique expression of this.

For example, her practice is not an exploration of a personal mythology. A pure designer will see a problem and design a solution; as an artist she struggles with something internal, and uses design as a vehicle to express this. Tokyojos personal mythology of animal hybrids, characters, and situations is an ongoing exploration of psychological states, contradictions, and ideas that need to be quantified through a design. The amalgamation of forms and visuals allow these ideas to be expressed.

Tokyojo has been working under her name since 2003, adopted after a nickname that stuck due to her Japanese obsession and her love of Roxy Music & 70’s Brian Ferry.

Since graduating from her third degree, a Masters in Fashion design Tokyojo has freelanced across the fields of Illustration, garment and costume design with construction while continuing her personal artistic practice.

She is open to private commissions and freelance work, and occasionally can offer work for sale via big cartel.

Tokyojo: Artist Designer Maker






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